Peter sees Mystique across the hall. She is posing, as if she was in a B spoof movie. She moved her hips and body, thrusting her tits and ass for the world to see. Peter knew what she needed, she needed a slut baby for slut girl like her. Her slim body seemed incomplete without a baby bump, of his bastard child. He knew what she would become, a whore who would suck more dicks than she could count, but he couldn't let her be wasted, she needed to be tied down by motherhood to his child. He moved towards her as she finished, the bell rung, and she was going to class. She strutted her ass to her locker, her firm cheeks glowed towards him. She bent towards the inside of the locker, her ass arched and ready to take his seed. He knew she was late for class, and was going to run for it, but Peter stopped her. He grabbed her arms, she was startled, but he forced her onto her knees. Her blue legs arched to the ground, as he held her beautiful locks of blonde hair in one hand and reached into his pants with another. He pulled out his hard dick, it lusting to be put in her vexing lips, needing to be gagged with his cum. She only resisted at first, not wanting to shout, as she didn't want the school to see chicken wings having his way with her. He pressed his dick onto her lips, glossy from her lipstick, and the only defense in his way from his pleasure. He took his hand and forced her mouth wide for him, almost as if she was powerless to do anything, or she wanted it. He placed the tip of his rod into her moist wet mouth, he started to thrust forward, his dick know inside. He moved her head back and forth, as she gagged from the dick she was sucking. She tried to not please him, but her tongue pressed onto the tip, pleasuring him even more. He told her his hand was tired, and he wanted her to blow his stiff dick. And without hesitation, she moved her head to blow his dick, as if he was her master and she was his slave. He moaned silently, not even paying attention to how easy it was to get her to do this. She used her tongue and lips to please him, slobbeing over his rod, and he finally said that he was going to blow. She stopped, he knew she would try escape his cum blast, so he grabbed her head and pushed forward. His dick touched the back of her throat, her eye shadow was streaming from her eyelids, her lips able to touch his pubic hair. Peter cummed, it all went into her mouth, and dripped through her throat. He released her, as she felt the steamy and sticky fluid going down the back of her throat, she coughed the semen onto her boobs. The white fluid ran across her blue skin, as her tears of eye shadow ran down her cheeks. Peter released the leftover fluids onto her amazing hair, but would rather want it inside her. She got up with a trembling pose, she was shocked and felt dirty, the semen was inside her stomach now, and she felt sick. But, Peter was not done. He grabbed her arms, in her time of shock, and pressed her against the lockers. Her milky boobs, fine for feeding their baby, was pushed against the cold metal of a locker. She hesitantly said that she gave him want he wanted and asked what he wants now. He whispered into her ear, a child. Her face grew with surprise, she couldn't have a baby, she was in school and she couldn't have one with him of all people. She tried to break lose, she didn't want to bear his child, but he gripped her firmly. She gave up, and whimpered, praying to Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, that she had no eggs to be fertilized. He then took his hands out, and grasped her ass, it was beautiful and round, and was waiting to get pounded. She gave a gasp, as he took his dick, which was smeared with glossy lipstick, and rubbed her pussy with it. He arched her back, making her ass be as forward as possible, so he could see her beautiful asshole and pussy. He wanted to do her virgin asshole before doing her womb, but time was running out, and the period would end soon. Mystique felt his dick rub her blue skinned pussy, she closed her eyes as she waited for the inevitable. Peter grabbed his rock hard dick, it wanted, no, needed to enter her shaft, and fertilize her eggs. He pushed it into her pussy, she squirmed, it hurt so much that she had to cover her own mouth. He pushed in all the way, and fucked her. He went back and forth, his hips slapping her ass, smacking it until it became purple. She felt the pain start to go away. She had never had sex before, not even with her boyfriends. She wanted herself to be pure. But Peter knew a lesson that she should of known for a long time, that if you act like a slut, your going to be treated like a slut. She felt no more pain, she felt only pleasure, and she squirted. It lubricated her pussy, letting his dick ride her tight virgin pussy. She closed her eyes, and bit her lips, as she grabbed her ass cheek to spread it more for Peter. It was not really helping, but Peter knew that it didn't matter, as he knew that it was a sign, a sign that she was his bitch, and bitches need to be breed. She moved her hips to the movement of his dick, as she never wanted this to end. Peter fucked her rougher, he was at the climax. He said that she would bear his offspring, that she was nothing but his fuck toy and bitch of his child. She said would do it, as she didn't care anymore, he could do what he wanted, if it meant he would keep fucking her. Peter let out a moan, as quiet as he could, as released his sperm into her. She felt it in her womb, it shot into her shaft, it had became a part of her now. Peter had done it, he had breed this bitch, her pussy now ripe with the seed of his child. Mystique felt the sperm in her body, she loved it, she wanted more inside her. But Peter took his dick out of his masterpiece, as he put it back into his pants, and warned her not to take the pill or abort that baby, but Mystique wouldn't, whatever Peter did to her, it was a part of her now, and she could not kill it now. As he ran to his next class, Mystique cleaned her pussy, but only mere drops came out of her sore blue womb. She could barley walk, her belly feeling the expectancy, and she went on with her day. Later on, She had to apologize to her teacher, as she quote on quote was "forced to do something for a friend". She found out two weeks later that she was positive. She took leave from school, as months had gone by, carrying her baby boy. She called and lusted for Peter to fuck her again, as her body needed his dick, to be his cum dumpster. He would say no constantly, not wanting to hurt their baby boy. The boy was born in the summer, and she loved him dearly. Peter was not there to see it born, as he left for some place called Gnarina, I think? but she was more saddened by not having his seed in her for so long. She tried to fuck other boys, like her boyfriend Logan, who she said was the father to those who wondered. But she never felt the same, her pussy was imprinted to only one dick, and that was Peters. Their boy looked exactly like her, with blue skin, yellow eyes, but like to had a pointy tail and crawled up walls. When she returned to school, she was putting her books into her locker, like another face in the crowd. She was late again, like that faithful day, but before she could go, her ass was clenched. She felt a hard rod rub her ass, as the arms grabbed her sore breasts, from feeding her love child, she felt horny, she wanted that dick in her. She realized who it was and the man whispered into her ear, "lets make another."

This was a Fan Fiction about Mystique, in the Epic Movie.